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The term ‘branding’ is perhaps the most misunderstood and misused jargon of all times. And like cricket, everybody has an expert opinion on the mater. Some John Does may even back it up with a benchmark case example of mediocrity. Speak to a start-up group and they will tell you they know exactly what kind of branding they need. And more often than not it will be power point clipart for social media. That’s because all the customers in the world are on social media. It’s a sure shot recipe for failure. Others who have done their time in marketing will show you exactly how it’s done. ‘Boy you need a lot of visibility’. Well do I now? And the unscrupulous media moguls will tell you anything short of an annual media plan is bound to fail.

On the other hand, branding isn’t rocket science either. It’s a simple calculated plan that has a clear objective with a singular message and a proper channel of time and place for delivering that message. At Moron Design we say ‘branding essentially is to know when to keep quiet. And while you’re at it, plan your speech. Strategy is key’. Strategy here is common sense put to work. It also involves reflecting on the product itself, identifying key factors and benefits or looking at the category communication and establishing a different tone of voice.

Once your strategy is in place, the message needs craft and an appeal that resonates with the audience. The delivery must as often as possible, be an experience. If you’re able to do this, you will find your self in the top five list for brand recall. But the product still needs to be pretty darn good, because nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising. If your process is spot on with a message that can tickle your audience and the product itself has value for the customer, they won’t confuse you with the competition, and you’ll have yourself a ‘brand’.

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